Tips To Capture a Novel

This tells the preface of a novel – a novel that is to be written by two people who joined their hearts, who exchanged rings, and let these rings bind them until death – wedding photography. With its own lenses, angles and points of view, creates a deeper sense that lies beyond prints; beyond words and gestures; beyond wedding traditions. Yes, everything about wedding photography is beyond superficial.

Here are some of the things that you have to know before saying your “yes” to those to-be husband-and-wife:

Shoot the small details. The best parts of a wedding ceremony are told by the smallest details. The rings, shoes, flowers and those details that describe the setting – they add spice to the album of your client and tell most of the backdrop of your wedding.

Capture the action. You tell a story through wedding photography, inanimate objects will never complete the frame, so pay attention to the gestures of the friends invited, families and most especially of the bride and the groom. Tell the story behind the scenes and in-the-moment scenario. From the bride looking at her dress to applying her makeup; from the groom fixing his hair and checking the time – these tell about both the excitement and tense he feels; to the bride walking down the aisle or the stairs (depending on the setting) – that’s the start of the biggest thing about wedding photography!

Always and always stay alert focusing on each and every single detail with your lenses. Capture the key moments! You can create a shot list for things you have to capture.

Consider your backgrounds. Surely this one is challenging because you got to look for those backgrounds that are not too drab to be dull but are not too loud to overpower the romantic smiles of the couples. It goes without saying that the background should not be uncluttered and with good exposure to sunlight. Remember, you’ll be going to display your shots on the reception. For formal shots, ask your clients about their preferences and tastes and have them organize these shots before the wedding.

Blend in and check your equipment. This is one thing that catches most amateur photographers – they go in too casual attire that they become flashier in a sense that they get each eyes to land on them. At least go in your coat and try to blend in. Also check for your flash always, use them sparingly and wuth the right timing. Mute that disturbing clicking sound – you don’t want to interrupt those key moments.

Bonus tip: always have two cameras with you – you have to be prepared for any unexpected equipment troubleshoots. Check on the night before the wedding that you have clean cameras with dust-free lenses and your batteries are fully charged – you can also bring an extra set of batteries and memory cards. is all about being prepared to shoot the one-time conviction for a lifetime commitment. Always aim to tell a wedding story through your pictures.

Face painting can be incorporate to this event, especially for kids.