Window Screens

Window Screens

Window screens fitted to the windows in your home serve many purposes. Screens affixed at the front or at the back of the windows allow air to play inside your rooms and keep the dust, insects, and bugs away. Screens are made from different materials like fibreglass, vinyl-coated fibreglass, aluminium, UV resistant fibreglass, copper/bronze, and laminated plastic.

They usually have a latticed structure and fitted onto a metal or wooden framing. Thereafter, the framing is positioned either at the back or the front of the opening for a window. Screens for windows are extensively used in areas infested with bugs, mosquitoes, fleas and other types of insects.

There are many types of window screens available but your choice of a window screen will be determined by the climate in your region, the type of windows in your home and of course, your budget.

Security Screens

Although they resemble normal window screens but they’re more durable and robust. The framing is usually made out of heavy duty aluminium or stainless steel and the screen wires are constructed from stainless steel. Security screens are extremely tough and can withstand the vagaries of weather.

They cannot be easily pried open and can comfortably ward off pelted bottles, rocks, stones and pebbles. There is a wide variation in the price range and the variables that affect the price are design, material, size, and of course the manufacturer. You can get a security screen for as low as $50 to a high of $250.


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